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Bicon 2002's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Bicon 2002

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Bring your laptops to BiCon [14 Aug 2002|11:22am]

If the thought of three days without Net access is making you shiver, you'll be pleased to know that there are phonelines in the rooms, operated by special phonecards you can buy at BiCon. So bring your laptops and you need not miss a moment of LiveJournal or soc.bi...
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Directions to BiCon 2002 [14 Aug 2002|12:43am]

Just a couple of days to go before people start arriving in Leicester
for BiCon 2002! Or one day, if you count the organising team.

If you haven't yet booked for BiCon and you need accommodation, go see
http://www.2002.bicon.org.uk/book.html IMMEDIATELY for the latest
instructions - due to cancellations, we still have a couple of spaces.

See http://www.2002.bicon.org.uk/directions.html for help finding your
way to BiCon. Events start Friday with the opening plenary, but the
BiCon desk is open to take your registration, give you your keys and
answer your questions from 17:00 - 22:30 on Thursday, 09:00 - 21:00
Friday, 09:00 - 17:15 on Saturday, and 09:00 - 14:30 on Sunday.
Outside these times, or if you get lost on your way to BiCon, call the
BiCon phone on 0781 490 6134, which will be switched on on Thursday

We look forward very much to seeing you there! It's going to be fab!
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Willing it to change doesn't always work [13 Aug 2002|06:41pm]

I think the entire core team are reloading this link daily.


Bring summer clothes, and a very good brolly...
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Don't send us any money! [08 Aug 2002|07:32pm]

We can no longer be sure of getting any post sent after today, or any bank transfers, before BiCon. Our mail is forwarded from London, so even if you send it first class, it'll still take too long to reach us. So please:

From now on, don't send us any post, and don't make any bank transfers in our favour. If you still want to book, or if you owe us money, please get in touch by email to arrange payment at BiCon.

BiCon's just a week away now - I can't wait!
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Photos of BiCons? [07 Aug 2002|08:37am]

An announcement on behalf of next year's team!

BiCon 2003 are already preparing their publicity to have it ready for this year's BiCon, and they're looking for your photos of people enjoying themselves. If you have some photos you can share (ie all the people in them have given their consent to be published) please send them on! You can read about it here:


Don't forget to bring your cameras to this year's BiCon, or to read the bit in the programme about taking photos.
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Movement of the stars and planets [06 Aug 2002|06:08pm]

Due to last-minute problems with some of the rooms and possible availability of alternatives, it looks like we'll be renaming some of the rooms. So don't take the maps on the website as gospel - the final word will be what's in the programme.

softfruit, this means I haven't posted your CD yet. I'm on it...
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DIY Disco - what are you making? [04 Aug 2002|02:22pm]

OK, I've got the CD machine whirring to pull some tracks of various of my CDs in preparation for the DIY Disco, I know lovingboth has several CDs made already and ergotia has hers planned. Tell us about what you'll be making!

Update: We've just decided that we'd really like you to bring two copies of the track listings of your CDs, on A5 paper (ie A4 divided in two widthways) so we can put them on the walls for a vote. We'll probably scribble a letter or two in a circle on both of them.

Update: and check out some of the discussion of this on soc.bi.

I originally offered to try and put this sort of thing on the BiCon 2002 web pages, but it saves me time if I ask you all to post it directly here and it cuts out the middle man.
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BiCon timetable [02 Aug 2002|02:27pm]

These will go on the Web pages when I have time to do the update, so here's a sneak preview... (updated after purplerabbits spotted a few probs)

Thursday 2002-08-15

1700: Registration in the Bar.
2230: Registration desk closes
0100: Bar closes

Friday 2002-08-16

1005: 20m Opening plenary Read more...Collapse )
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[02 Aug 2002|12:38pm]

As of this morning there are two twin rooms left at College Hall for BiCon attendees. We've already used up four. Since the accommodation deadline has technically passed I'm offering them on a first come first served basis to people who have already booked accommodation. So, any of you guys who've booked two rooms, woud you like a twin instead?
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BiCon 2002 - brief deadline reprieve [02 Aug 2002|10:34am]

(copied from the bicon-announce mailing list)

Brief deadline reprieve

If you've already booked for BiCon, great! There's some information later in this message about events happening at BiCon, and you should get your confirmation letter within a week or so. If not, read on...

How to get to BiCon if you haven't already booked, and some events thereCollapse )
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Less than a week to book for BiCon! [25 Jul 2002|10:40pm]

Wednesday is the latest accommodation can be booked for this year's BiCon. Please get those bookings in the post tonight, or by Monday morning at the latest!

If the cost of attending BiCon stands in your way, please consider applying to the hardship fund. We are already enabling ten people to attend, and we still have money left in the fund. Please don't assume you're not eligible for whatever reason; get in touch and ask us and we'll be happy to consider your application. But do it very soon, because there's not much time left.

Facilitating a session at BiCon can be even more fun than attending one. You don't have to be an expert on the subject or to talk for long periods of time; once you get the discussion going you'll find people generally have plenty to say on most topics, whether it's sexuality, sexual politics, relationships, the media, or something completely different. We'll provide some advice for session facilitators to help you along. If you're interested, get in touch with sessions@info.2002.bicon.org.uk.

Remember to burn some 20 minute CDs for the DIY Disco - you really don't want to listen to four hours of my and Ian's music! See website for details: http://www.2002.bicon.org.uk/diydisco.html

BiCon starts in just three weeks - we're really looking forward to seeing you there.
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Four weeks to go! [20 Jul 2002|01:00am]

[ mood | excited ]

One of the things we will have at BiCon is a room with some boardgames for you to play, and did I find a perfect game for BiCon today! It's basically a Cluedo variant, but when I saw it in the charity shop, I knew I had to get...

Dream Phone

"Twenty-four boys and only one Secret Admirer! Who could it be? Will it be that handsome hunk at the Central Mall or the gorgeous guy from the Snack Shack?"

Complete with a phone, you dial the numbers of the young men and they tell you something about the one who has a crush on you. But watch out - you may be forced to Share A Secret and let someone else listen in to your call or Mum may say 'hang up the phone' to stop you talking to all those men. Oh no!

Incredibly silly, particularly as for some strange reason the box only shows young women playing the game. I'm sure that won't be the case for us...

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Our 100th booking! [16 Jul 2002|01:03pm]

We got our 100th booking today, yay!

You now have two weeks before the accommodation deadline. I shall take this opportunity to quote ergotia's fine words about BiCon in case you're still wondering whether to go:
BiCon is way more fun than you could possibly imagine from reading about it. It quite literally changed my life and is always one of the highlights of my year.
- and there speaks someone who really knows how to have a good time! Anyone else care to share their quotable quotes about BiCon, please do... and if you want to post them in your journal as well we like that :-)
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Alison's HTML-fu is strong [12 Jul 2002|06:56pm]

I've booked for BiCon
...have YOU?
BiCon 2002, 16-18 August, Leicester, UK.
Accommodation deadline July 31st.

Alison's version of this logo looks quite a lot nicer than my attempt, I think! I've replaced my attempts on the BiCon web pages with her design, after a few bug fixes.
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Tell the world! [11 Jul 2002|12:19pm]


I've booked for ...have YOU?

BiCon 2002, 16th-18th August, Leicester, UK. Accommodation deadline July 31st.

Nifty logo eh? Go on, put it on your LJ and encourage your friends to book! And you can post here to tell us that you've done it. For once a meme designed to do something useful :-) I suggested a "what kind of BiCon attender are you?" quiz but Alison said that there were two kinds: those that have booked and those that haven't yet, so... well, you'll see if you click on the above.

Or if you're good at HTML and you can improve on the above, please do!
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Volunteers/Gophers [10 Jul 2002|10:45pm]

For my sins, I'm doing volunteer/desk duty for Bicon this year. So, here I am asking for volunteers...

What's in it for you? I bet you're wondering. Well, my gratitude and the knowledge you are contributing to Bicon running smoothly. Also, it's fun (no, really!)

Email me at nuala@2002.bicon.org.uk

I'm currently planning that desk work will be done in 1 and a half hour shifts. Please let me know how much time you are volunteering and which days.

Looking forward to hearing from people....
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Three weeks left to book for BiCon! [09 Jul 2002|10:26pm]

Just sent out the message on BiCon-announce to warn you all that the accommodation deadline for BiCon 2002 is just three weeks away, on July 31st. So if you want somewhere to stay when you arrive, get those bookings in right away, while it's still the start of the month.

Also alerted people to the DIY Disco on the Friday night, which regular bicon2002 readers will already be familiar with. Start burning those CDs now!
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Films at BiCon [04 Jul 2002|01:08pm]

We are considering having some films at BiCon.

There is a poll here if you'd like to suggest any titles (no promises!)
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The DIY Disco [04 Jul 2002|06:23pm]

A special appeal to people who share my taste in music - make sure to burn lots of CDs for the DIY disco on Friday night! :-)

Because if all goes to plan, we'll be playing compilation CDs from attenders all night. Details were in the confirmation letters, but I just got around to putting them on the web:


Should certainly result in some variety. I just bought myself a CD burner - start planning your 20 minute CDs now!
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Maps of the venue online [01 Jul 2002|02:06pm]

A new site map and floor plans of the BiCon venue are now available. The biggest delay was of course with inventing a naming scheme for the rooms - hope you like our space theme...
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