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Bring your laptops to BiCon

If the thought of three days without Net access is making you shiver, you'll be pleased to know that there are phonelines in the rooms, operated by special phonecards you can buy at BiCon. So bring your laptops and you need not miss a moment of LiveJournal or
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Directions to BiCon 2002

Just a couple of days to go before people start arriving in Leicester
for BiCon 2002! Or one day, if you count the organising team.

If you haven't yet booked for BiCon and you need accommodation, go see IMMEDIATELY for the latest
instructions - due to cancellations, we still have a couple of spaces.

See for help finding your
way to BiCon. Events start Friday with the opening plenary, but the
BiCon desk is open to take your registration, give you your keys and
answer your questions from 17:00 - 22:30 on Thursday, 09:00 - 21:00
Friday, 09:00 - 17:15 on Saturday, and 09:00 - 14:30 on Sunday.
Outside these times, or if you get lost on your way to BiCon, call the
BiCon phone on 0781 490 6134, which will be switched on on Thursday

We look forward very much to seeing you there! It's going to be fab!
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Don't send us any money!

We can no longer be sure of getting any post sent after today, or any bank transfers, before BiCon. Our mail is forwarded from London, so even if you send it first class, it'll still take too long to reach us. So please:

From now on, don't send us any post, and don't make any bank transfers in our favour. If you still want to book, or if you owe us money, please get in touch by email to arrange payment at BiCon.

BiCon's just a week away now - I can't wait!
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Photos of BiCons?

An announcement on behalf of next year's team!

BiCon 2003 are already preparing their publicity to have it ready for this year's BiCon, and they're looking for your photos of people enjoying themselves. If you have some photos you can share (ie all the people in them have given their consent to be published) please send them on! You can read about it here:

Don't forget to bring your cameras to this year's BiCon, or to read the bit in the programme about taking photos.
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Movement of the stars and planets

Due to last-minute problems with some of the rooms and possible availability of alternatives, it looks like we'll be renaming some of the rooms. So don't take the maps on the website as gospel - the final word will be what's in the programme.

softfruit, this means I haven't posted your CD yet. I'm on it...
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DIY Disco - what are you making?

OK, I've got the CD machine whirring to pull some tracks of various of my CDs in preparation for the DIY Disco, I know lovingboth has several CDs made already and ergotia has hers planned. Tell us about what you'll be making!

Update: We've just decided that we'd really like you to bring two copies of the track listings of your CDs, on A5 paper (ie A4 divided in two widthways) so we can put them on the walls for a vote. We'll probably scribble a letter or two in a circle on both of them.

Update: and check out some of the discussion of this on

I originally offered to try and put this sort of thing on the BiCon 2002 web pages, but it saves me time if I ask you all to post it directly here and it cuts out the middle man.
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As of this morning there are two twin rooms left at College Hall for BiCon attendees. We've already used up four. Since the accommodation deadline has technically passed I'm offering them on a first come first served basis to people who have already booked accommodation. So, any of you guys who've booked two rooms, woud you like a twin instead?